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Raven Capital is an investment manager providing asset management and family office services to individuals, families, charitable foundations and select institutional investors.

Raven’s professionals have dedicated their careers to wealth management and our Directors, who have cumulative industry experience of more than 30 years, have advised their clients through the boom of bull markets and the gloom of bear markets. We are not swayed by market manias. Raven’s focus and discipline is in ensuring our clients’ assets are invested in a manner consistent with their tolerance for risk.

Raven has an established clientele of longstanding investors. Our advisory and investment expertise is particularly beneficial to high net worth, sophisticated and wholesale investors. The quality and integrity of our advice, coupled with our unwavering commitment to client service, sets us apart in a crowded field.

Raven is independent of other financial institutions and is privately owned by its founders and directors.

Investment Philosophy

Multi-strategy Approach – the alternative asset manager approach

Our individual portfolios and funds invest across multiple strategies and geographies without predetermined commitments of capital. Portfolio composition is determined by selecting what we believe are the best market opportunities, consistent with our goals of diversification and capital preservation. Our ability to invest in multiple strategies worldwide enables us to be nimble in adjusting our portfolio allocations as market conditions change.

Focus on Fundamentals

We approach investments through a rigorous fundamental analysis of the drivers of potential risk and return. We look at both qualitative and quantitative factors in assessing the risk/reward parameters and perform extensive due diligence.

Patient, Disciplined Investment and Risk Management Process

Our investment and risk management processes are central to the way we allocate capital. We focus on actively managing the exposures of our portfolios. Our risk management practices are based on both qualitative and quantitative analyses implemented at both the individual position and total portfolio levels, and they have been integrated into our daily investment process.


Portfolio Management (Managed Discretionary Accounts)

Raven Capital specialises in providing managed discretionary account (MDA) services allowing investors to access a range direct equity and wholesale solutions. Portfolios are actively managed to a specific individualised investment strategy constructed in accordance with a client’s personal objectives, risk tolerance and asset preferences.

Raven Capital’s MDA service offers clients professionally managed portfolios across a range of asset classes – including Australian Equities, International Equities, and Fixed Income.

The benefits of a Raven Capital MDA are:

  • Clients retains beneficial ownership of the investments
  • Full transparency of underlying investments
  • Ease of administration
  • Online 24 x 7 access to track transactions, performance & valuations
  • Ability to control own tax position

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

Raven Capital provides the complete SMSF administration service which includes advice, establishment, daily administration and all accounting, tax and compliance requirements including the preparation of financial accounts and SMSF tax returns.

Specialist Investment Advice

In addition to the team’s own extensive expertise, Raven Capital utilises a range of broking firms and has access to an extensive network of investment houses and research providers. We specialise in accessing off market and wholesale venture capital opportunities as a result of our network, investment appetite and performance.

Family Office Services

Raven is proud to provide additional wealth management resources to our clients, beyond investment and portfolio management. We will supervise estate planning, wealth transfer between generations, and the minimisation of income and estate taxes, plus corporate fiduciary and trust advice.

It is our goal to provide clients with a total wealth management platform at the highest level of professionalism, integrity and efficiency.


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